Otto Deutsch's Hans ~ Solingen, Germany (HIGH QUALITY) 11/16

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This is a straight razor that was made in Solingen, Germany by Otto Deutsch & Sohne.  Otto Deutsch razors are highly sought after as one of the very top quality razors in manufacture, apperance and shaving quality. The original scales for this razor were defective and have been replaced with new scales. These new 3-pin scales are made from celluloid in a simulated faux horn pattern. They are very nice looking abnd are in perfectly flawless condition. The blade of this razor shows very light, almost no, previous hone wear. It is in excellent condition. This blade is 11/16 wide, is hollow ground, and made of carbon steel. The blade opens and closes snug and smooth on the pivot pin and well centered between the scales. Recently honed to provide a smooth, close and comfortable shave, this razor comes guaranteed shave ready.

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