Honing Service

All the razors sold on this web site come shave ready to provide a smooth, close and comfortable shave. I also provide a honing service to hone razors for anyone desiring to have their razor, (s) honed.

The per razor charge is $25 to hone a razor to shave ready condition, plus a $9 return postage charge for any quantity of razors.

However, if the honing required to achieve a shave ready condition is hampered by nicks, or an otherwise severely impaired condition, the charge will be determined by meeting the razor in person, or you may contact me for an estimate before sending.

Upon receiving your razor I will contact and notify you that I have received it. I will also e-mail you when I mail back to you. The turnaround time is normally 1 business day.

Please include your phone number, a legible return address and e-mail address. You may also contact me anytime at 615-826-0174 or rojake32@gmail.com

My mailing address is;

Robert Keyes
259 Lake Terrace Drive
Hendersonville, TN 37075

Regards, Bob Keyes