C. V. Heljestrand ~ Sweden (PRISTINE & IVORY SCALES ~ No.4) 5/8

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This is a C.V. Heljestrand straight razor that was made in Eskilstuna, Sweden. It is in flawless pristine condition. It is in unused, absolutely perfect aesthetic and physical condition in every way. This is one of today's most sought after straight razors and it carries the trademark on the reverse tang side, MK No 4. With a 5/8 wide blade that is made of carbon steel, and a hollow grind. It has superbly lustrous mirror finishes on the blade and on all the steel surfaces. This blade is set off with beautiful ivory scales that are also in pristine condition. Luxurious by nature, ivory will go very nicely with any blade, and ivory will improve the looks and value of any blade, but because of it's scarcity and higher value over most scale materials, it is only installed on the very highest quality razors. These genuine ivory scales are in perfect blemish and defect free, flawless condition. These scales are held together and attached to the blade with a threaded pivot pin and micro hex nuts.

NOTE: Swedish steel was produced from Swedish iron ore, one of the purest iron ores known. It made such good steel that many countries imported it, including England, Germany and Japan. Some German razor manufacturers even opened their own mines in Sweden. Swedish steel makes a good, hard, edge-retaining steel.

If you have any interest this link leads to some history of Heljestrand razors.


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Tru-Edge Deluxe Razor, Germany (NEAR NEW GREAT SHAVER) 5/8 Tru-Edge Deluxe Razor, Germany (NEAR NEW GREAT SHAVER) 5/8
$129.99 *
Sta-Sharp Solingen, Germany (MINT - MINT - MINT - PRISTINE) 5/8 Sta-Sharp Solingen, Germany (MINT - MINT - MINT - PRISTINE) 5/8
$329.99 *
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