Mappin & Webb, Sheffield, England (OLD ENGLISH SOLID SHAVER) 9/16

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This is a Mappin & Webb straight razor that was made in Sheffield, England. This razor is in perfect blemish and defect free condition. All steel surfaces have been restored to a better than new very lustrous mirror finish. The blade has a French point with a 9/16 width and a hollow grind. It is made from carbon steel. This blade carries butterscotch colored, celluloid scales. Based on the below history this razor was probably made sometime between 1903 and 1932.

Jonathan Mappin started out in 1775 as a Sheffield cutler. The business prospered, but as the family grew divisions appeared. One of his four great grandsons, John, left to start a London-based business in Oxford Street in 1860, and in 1862 he invited his brother in law, George Webb to join him. George died in 1881, but the business continued selling cutlery made in Sheffield. The remaining great grandsons of the founder carried on in Sheffield as Mappin Brothers Ltd, until the business was sold in 1884, going broke ten years later. In 1903, a John Mappin, probably a great, great, grandson of the founder, acquired the Mappin Brothers name of the defunct Sheffield business, and the London business, and traded as "Mappin & Webb Ltd incorporating Mappin Brothers". Now one firm had manufacturing and a West End salesroom on a fashionable street. It went from strength to strength, but at some point was acquired by the Asprey Garrard jewelry empire. These days it is held by a marketing group that sells overpriced Swiss watches to the gullible English and anyone else who thinks shopping in London is a good idea. Mappin & Webb sell only jewelry and watches, no cutlery, and certainly no straight razors. "How have the mighty fallen."

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This razor was honed recently to provide a smooth, close and comfortable shave, and it comes guaranteed shave ready.

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