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W.H. Morley & Sons, made in Germany. Back in the Hey Day of the straight razor Morley razors were well thought of and had a very good following throughout the world razor markets. If you are interested in Morley history,,,,,,W.H. Morley and Sons, known today as having produced some of the most “forgiving” straight razors on the market, was a short-lived trademark owned by German-born Adolph Kastor’s company between 1913 and 1927. Although the four-leaf clover-branded razors were only in production for fourteen years, they are well known in straight razor enthusiast circles for taking and holding an edge easily, and for being sturdy and difficult to damage. Some of the very earliest models featured scales of bone or horn, and brass wedges. Adolph Kastor left Germany in 1870 and joined his uncle, Aaron, in New York, where he worked for his uncle’s hardware supply company. Within a few short years, young Adolph had set his sights on opening his own business, and in 1876 did so, founding Kastor & Brothers, a company that imported German-manufactured knives. Twenty-one years later, the Dingley Tariff, designed to promote local manufacture, made importing too expensive and Kastor’s company started to manufacture their own blades. In 1901, they bought out the Camillus Knife Company and renamed the company the Camillus Cutlery Company, which ran in parallel with Kastor & Bros. In 1913, the company started importing straight razors from Germany again, this time with the brand name W.H. Morley & Sons, and sporting the four-leafed clover on the tang. Morley “Clovers” make superb collectibles and daily shavers. Some of the razors also came with a bull hunting scene pressed into the scales. In 1927, the last of the Morley blades were imported and sold and while the Kastor and Camillus companies continued, W.H. Morley & Sons ceased. Following Adolph Kastor’s death in 1946, the company also dropped the Kastor name and assigned all the company’s trademarks to Camillus Cutlery Company. As an interesting side note, one of the Kastor brothers, Sigmund, was a lead director of Wade & Butcher in Sheffield during World War II.In particular, this razor is in excellent condition. In particular of this razor, it has a 5/8 wide, hollow ground blade that is made of carbon steel. Thois blade carries it's factory original scales that are in unblemished, perfect condition. Honed to provide a smooth, close and comfortable shave this razor comes guaranteed shave ready.


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