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Here is a very unusual straight razor. It is a De Pew's. It is unusual and funky because of the extra long monkey tail that this particular brand of razor has. History on DePews razors is sketchy to none. About all that is available is that the company was in business from 1882 in England with William H. De Pew as the sole owner. I can find no record as to how long the company was in business. What is known is that the De Pews razors were made to the highest quality standards, are nice shavers, providing a somewhat different shaving experience. This particular De Pews razor shows light hone wear. This razor has been completely refinished on all steel surfaces, i.e., blade faces, tang, spine and monkey tail, and polished to better than new condition. It is in perfect aesthetic and mechanical condition. The tang engraving reads, De Pew's Patent June 6 1882. The blade features are, 4/8 wide, is made of carbon steel with a near wedge grind. This razor's scales are beautifully textured, ivory scales. Luxurious by nature, ivory will go very nicely with any blade, and ivory will improve the looks and value of any blade, but because of it's scarcity and higher value over most scale materials, it is only installed on the very highest quality razors. These genuine ivory scales are in perfect blemish and defect free, flawless condition. These scales are held together and attached to the blade with a threaded pivot pin and micro hex nuts. Recently honed to provide a smooth, close and comfortable shave, this razor comes guaranteed shave ready.

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