Schick Repeating C-1 Injector Razor GOLD PLATED PERFECT CONDITION

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This is a Shick Type C-1 repeating injector razor. This type of razor was made from 1933 until 1941. It is the C-1 version, because of its "Open Comb Guard", and it is gold plated. There were three versions of the C razors made, the C-1 Open Comb Guard, the C-2 Closed Comb Guard, and the C-3 Bar Guard. It was named "Simplified" by Schick, because of its very simple operation of loading blades which was much easier than loading blades in the type A, B AND C razors. With this C-1 version the cover (cap) is pulled off. This exposes the razor's folding head. This head is turned to the upright position for shaving.

At the opposite end of the head is the handle. In the handle is what is called the magazine. One cool feature of these Schick repeating razors is the way the blades work. They're stored in the handle, and you work a mechanism much like loading a rifle to eject the old blade and replace with a new blade. At the end of the handle is little rectangular end piece. It is attached to but separate from the handle. When you pull and push this end piece a new blade is pushed into the head while at the same time ejecting the old blade. Something else to be aware of is that in order for blades to be ejected from the clip into the head of the razor the head must be perfectly lined up with the blade being ejected into the head. If resistance occurs when ejecting a blade into the head be sure the head is lined up by applying pressure on the head into the closed position.  

A second rectangular end piece can be swiveled to the side and the blade holder, (clip) can be removed to have new blades stacked in it. Of particular note is that the way this mechanism works is that this clip cannot be removed from the handle until all the blades have been ejected from this clip. When fully loaded this clip holds 20 blades.

For a neat demonstration of how repeating razors work please use this link;

Because of its compact size this razor is a perfect travel razor. It measures 4 1/2" long by 1/2" square. Just toss it in a small toilet article case and away you go. This particular razor is in excellent aesthetic condition and perfect mechanical condition. All the "C" versions of the Schick repeating razor are gold plated with a filigree design.  

This razor comes with blade loading instructions. Once all the blades have been used and ejected, the clip can be removed and reloaded with new injector blades. This razor uses the exact same "INJECTOR" blades that are manufactured and being sold in stores for the many different styles of schick injector and other brands of safety razors that use this exact same blade. These old vintage injector razors were so well made, they were made to last, and last, they have. There are plenty of the different types of old injector razors still available and in use today, as can be attested to by the several companies that today, still make just the blades. This injector razor will provide a very economical alternative shaving method compared to the cost of present day safety razors. These injector blades sell for less than $1.00 per blade. Just Google "injector blades" and you will find many sources for Schick, Persona, and other brands of injector blades. Many drug stores and Walmart type stores also sell these blades.

CAUTION: With any Type C Repeating razor, be careful in placing the cap on the bottom part of the razor. The cap and bottom appear to be square, and was even sometimes called square razor by the Schick Company, but in fact all Type C's are slightly rectangular and you can't see this difference with your naked eye. While it appears, there are four positions that the cap can be placed on the bottom, there are only two. Placing it on in either of the two non fitting positions can damage the cap. You will easily and quickly determine which is the safest way to place the cap onto the bottom piece. So, don't force it, it goes on very easily when lined up correctly.


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