Filarmonica, Spain ~ Doble Temple (No.13 BLADE SOLID SHAVER) 5/8

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This is a Filarmonica Doble Temple straight razor that was made in the city of Mataró, in the province of Barcelon Spain. It is in blemish and defect free condition. A chnage from it's factory condition is that the goldwash etching on the front blade face had become faded and distorted and so was removed during restoration. This is one of the Jose Monserrat original Filarmonica razors and not one of the razors made after Jose Monserrat's death. The proof of this is in Jose's name printed on the tang, the razors made after his death do not have his name printed on them. Filarmonica razors are much in demand and are one of the most sought after straight razors ever made.

The blade size of this particular razor is no.13 which is 5/8 wide, is hollow ground and is made of carbon steel. On the tang front side is marked "Doble Temple" indicating the temper in this blade has been twice hardened. The tang is both top and bottom jimped for a better non-slip grip. The scales on this razor are taupe colored celluloid. This razor comes with its original factory box that is some soiled, but perfect physical condition. This razor has been recently honed and stropped to provide a smooth, close, and comfortable shave, and it comes guaranteed shave ready. 

Some Filarmonica history - The company started manufacturing straight razors in 1915 in the city of Mataró, province of Barcelona. They are considered to be one of the very best manufacturers of straight razors on the planet. About 1990 the company shut down all operations and closed their doors. Filarmonica started making razors again about 2015, under new management, but these razors are lacking the "Jose Monserrat Pou" signature on the tang and are generally considered to be inferior to previous made Filarmonica's. Some may disagree with this belief, but it is a generally held opinion by experienced razor users and is so stated on razor forums and elsewhere.

Here is a quick guide to Filarmonica's four generations.

Quick guide to date Filarmonicas:

1) First Generation: 1915-1967, these blades do not say "Fabricacion Española" or "Made in Spain" in the tang.

2) Second Generation: 1967-1979. These blades have the name "Jose Monserrat Pou" in the tang

3) Third Generation: 1979 - 1985. These blades do not have the name "Jose Monserrat Pou" in the tang.

4) Fourth Generation: 1985-1990, these are the blades that have the laser etched "Filarmonica Doble Temple" on the blade.

   Of the above generations the first 2 generations are excellent blades, the third is hit or miss, mostly miss and the fourth should be avoided altogether.

   Any razor lacking Jose Monserrat Pou's name is a gamble.


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