Wade & Butcher, Sheffield (UNUSED 1800'S BONE SCALES) 9/16

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This is a Wade & Butcher razor that was made in Sheffield, England. This razor shows no previous hone wear, just sat around all this time since the 1800's and was kept in great restorable condition. Since restoration it is now in defect and blemish free all around, aesthetic and mechanical condition. This is a real old razor from way back there in the 1800's. Wade & Butcher was in business from 1820 until 1959. This razor was made in Sheffield, England sometime during the mid to late 1800's AND before 1892. This is known because in 1892 an international regulation was put in place that all countries have the name of their country printed on the razor. All honest countries complied with this regulation and still do today. Very few countries have ignored this regulation, but a few middle and far eastern countries have ignored this regulation. Based on the manufacturing marks and other characteristics a rough mde date estimate, this razor was made from about 1850 to 1892. Age definment is difficult, but can sometimes be roughly determined from parts like the thicker and wider tangs, the lengths and shapes of monkey tails, the roughness of machining marks, etc. The blade and scales of this razor have been completely restored throughout, which has left all the surfaces re-finished and in a completely clean, sterilized and polished condition, even in the pivot pin area between the handles. In some areas like the tang, spine and monkey tail it has been restored to better than new condition. Some of the original blade, step one roughing out process marks indicate a certain fabrication crudeness that was not greatly improved on during the final finishing processes. Back in the early era mentioned the finishing techniques were not necessarily desired and appearance was left somewhat behind and function was the main criteria. Even so these razors are evrery bit as good as quality razors being made in later years and even today. This razor has an 9/16 wide, carbon steel, hollow ground blade. The original scales have been replaced with genuine bone scales. Included with this razor is razor box that is non original to this razor, but is the correct box for this particular W & B razor. It is in near perfect all around condition. Recently honed to provide a smooth, close and comfortable shave this razor comes guaranteed shave ready. 


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