Wade & Butcher, Sheffield, England (FLAWLESS UNUSED RAZOR) 5/8

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This razor was made in Sheffield, England by Wade & Butcher. It is in perfect defect and blemish free condition. Hone wear is absent indicating no previous usage on this razor. Wade & Butcher was in business from 1820 until 1959. It is difficult to determine the exact date of manufacture of a Wade & Butcher, or most any brand of straight razor. It is estmated that this razor was made somnetime during the mid 1950's. For certain this razor was made after 1892. That is because in 1892 an international regulation was put in place that all countries have the name of their country printed on the razor. Most countries complied with this regulation and still do today. All countries that manufacture quality straight razors also print other info such as model name, number, etc., so if you see a razor with out this printing it is certainly an inferior razor. Very few countries have ignored this regulation, but a few middle and far eastern countries have ignored this regulation. Without a name it is undeterminable as to their origin. By ignoring this regulation allows them to produce and sell inferior quality razors to an unsuspecting public. Most of these razors are so in ferior that they either can not be made "shave ready" or they won't hold an edge for more than a shave or two. The blade of this razor is 5/8 wide, is made of carbon steel with a hollow grind. All steel surfaces on this blade have a hiighly lustrous, toaster like mirror finish. The original scales were replaced with brand new exotic wood scales that are of either ash, hickory or possible oak. They are heavily grained with a smooth satiny surface finish. 


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