C-Mon, Germany, Carl Monkhouse (NEAR NEW ~ FLAWLESS) 5/8

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This is a C-Mon razor that was made in Germany and distributed by Carl Monkhouse of Ellicottville, NY. Hone wear shows it is in only lightly used condition. It is in near new, blemish and defect free flawless condition. It's blade is 5/8 wide, is made of carbon steel, with a hollow grind and lustrous mirror finished blade faces. The tang and monkey tail of this razor have the C-Mon highly polished mirror finished surfaces, in lieu of the sometimes hammered and rough, rustic surface finish. This blade carries highly polished, transparent yellow, celluloid scales. They are in perfect condition. In general this razor is in perfect, near new mechanical, working condition in every aspect. Truly a beautiful appearing razor as well as a super nice shaver. This razor was recently honed to provide a clean, close and comfortable shave and comes guaranteed shave ready.


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Shapleigh Hdwr., Co., St. Louis  (OLD STANDBY ~ GREAT RAZOR) 5/8 Shapleigh Hdwr., Co., St. Louis (OLD STANDBY ~ GREAT RAZOR) 5/8
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