dubl duck SPECIAL No.1 Solingen, Germany (MINT UNUSED SHAVER) 5/8

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This is a dubl duck Special No.1 razor that was made in Solingen, Germany. Showing no prior hone wear this razor appeares to be in unused condition. It is perfect blemish and defect free condition in all aspects.

The Special No.1 razor blade is made of the same exact steel as other ducks models, i.e., Wonderedge, Goldedge and Satinedge, and so shaves exactly the same as the other dubl duck razor models. If your looking for a great shaving razor that is backed by a name of known and proven reputation, dollar for dollar, the dubl duck Special No.1 is always a much better value for less money than other dubl duck models. This particular dubl duck has a 5/8 wide blade that is made of carbon steel, with a hollow grind. The bluing on the tang and monkey tail is 100% intact, further indicating an unused conditioin. The blade carries 3-pin, butterscotch colored, celluloid scales. They are in perfect condition. Recently honed and stropped to provide a smooth, close and comfortable shave, this razor comes guaranteed shave ready.


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