Boker, Edelweiss Noble 24 ct Gold (FACTORY NEW MINT/PRISTINE) 5/8

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This is a brand new razor straight from a Germany. It is the Henry Boker Edelweiss Noble 24 carat gold "Spanish" point model. The Noble model is an exclusive special made model of the Edelweiss line of Bokewr razors. This is in absolutely flawless mint condition. It is the similar Boker Edelweiss design, but with a flourish of style and shape, and lots of 24 carat gold embellishments. This particular model has one of the few very differently designed and highly decorative razor blade faces. While various Boker model razors have been made since Boker was established in 1865, the Edelweiss model has a very long standing of being manufactured since it's originated date in 1905 and is still being made today. Boker has a long history having been founded in New York City, by Hermann Boeker, as a cutlery import firm in 1865. Boker then built a factory in Solingen, Germany in 1868, and still continue in business in Germany to this day. This Edelweiss model is a very highly sought after razor. The blade of this particular razor is 5/8 wide, is made of carbon steel with a hollow grind. It scales are the 3-pin style, elforyn, Elforyn is a manufactured material, not a natural product. It is a high-grade ivory substitute material that has a high mineral content. The aim was to promote environmental sustainability and develop a material that would, as closely as possible, resemble ivory. Eforyn can be processed like natural ivory, i.e. carved, turned, milled etc. This razor comes with all it's original papers and box that are in brand new, mint condition. This razor has been recently honed to improve on the factory edge that is never quite shave ready. It is truly shave ready now, and it comes guaranteed shave ready.


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