Wostenholm, George ~ England ( GREAT OLD SHEFFIELD RAZOR) 5/8

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This razor is a George Wostenholm & Son razor. This particular model of Wostenholm is their, "ORIGINAL & TRUE PIPE RAZOR". It is difficult to come up with a date of manufacture for Wostenholm razors, but if you are interested in some of the Wostenholm history here is an interesting  link  http://www.eggintongroup.co.uk/history/the-history-of-george-wostenholm.html  The original business was started by George Wostenholm who operated in Sheffield, England from 1797 - 1823, the business was later operated under the name George Wostenholm and Son, Successors to George Wostenholm in 1823, and other later Wostenholm's who operated the razor and cutlery business until at least 1991. However, and based on the blade shape, original scales and manufacturing details, combined with what can be found in the above link, I believe this razor was made about 1875 to 1890. As for the condition of this particular razor, hone wear shows light to moderate previous usage, but with an 11/16 wide blade this razor will last a lifetimne for a young man. The blade has a mirror finish, is made of carbon steel with a hollow grind. The scales on this razor are replacement black celluloid. They are in like new condition. Recently honed to provide a smooth, close and comfortable shave this razor comes guaranteed shave ready.


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Otto Deutsch's Hans ~ Solingen, Germany  (HIGH QUALITY) 11/16 Otto Deutsch's Hans ~ Solingen, Germany (HIGH QUALITY) 11/16
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