Boker Edelweiss (FACTORY NEW ~ PRISTINE) 5/8

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This is a brand new razor straight from a retailer. It is a Henry H. Boker that was recently made in Solingen, Germany. It is in absolutely beautiful pristine condition. The only thing done to this razor since leaving the factory was to be honed, since factory razors are almost never honed to shave ready, but it truly shave ready now. The blade has the old original elaborately designed Edelweiss desighn, but with a new improved addition, the original silver washed surface in the backround now includes 24 carat gold on the blade face design, the spine, tang, monkey tail and point. Beautifully done, see photos. The point is a Spanish point, which is a new addition compared to past Edelweiss models. This lustrous blade is made of high quality carbon steel, is hollow ground, is 5/8 wide and has top serrations on the tang. The scales are of the 3-pin style which gives them added stability. These scales are made of an off white celluloid material that appears as a simulated ivory coloration. The front scale has the silver Edelweiss embossed on it. This razor comes with all it's original papers and box that are in brand new, mint condition. Recently stropped and honed to provide a comfortable, close and smooth shave this razor comes guaranteed shave ready. This razor is perfect in every way.


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