Why A Straight Razor

There are many reasons for straight razor shaving. It is the enjoyment that does not happen with safety or electric razors. With modern razors it is much more of a chore than an enjoyable experience. Ever hear a person say that the most enjoyable shave they ever had was in a barber shop from a straight razor?

It is the satisfaction of an accomplishment that can only be achieved with a learning curve. Simple, yet the easily achieved skill is extremely satisfying as well as the shave experience itself. It is also the charisma and connection that goes back to a different era, back through the ages to an earlier time when a straight razor was the only way.

Of course there is also the big money saving advantage. With no expensive blades to throw away, a straight razor will last a person a lifetime and there will be enough left over to will down to heirs for another lifetime's usage. Ahhhhh, the joy of lathering the face and removing whiskers with a blade is something to relish and savor.

The history and the process of honing, stropping and maintaining a straight razor is the satisfaction and enjoyment with a quality garnered from achievement

Classical view
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