Straight Razors, Sharpening Stones, Etc.

Straight Razors, Sharpening Stones, Etc.

All straight razors for sale on these pages are either new razors, like new razors, or are fully restored to like new, and in most cases better than new condition. I only purchase high quality straight razors to restore. All parts,,,,,pins, washers, spacers, bushings and scales have been replaced as necessary. Most straight razors, unless NOS or new razors, have been taken apart, and refinished on all surfaces. Taking apart is necessary in order to thoroughly clean and  refinish between the scales and also to easily handle the blade by itself to restore it. This includes restoring in the, "all important" between the scales, pivot pin area. The final result is a thoroughly clean, completely sanitized, highly polished, aesthetically beautiful. high quality razor.



All razors are honed to perfection and delivered guaranteed shave ready.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at 615-826-0174 or at

Thank you, Bob Keyes



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