Stow Away, and/or Travel Strop (UNBLEMISHED & PERFECTLY RESTORED)

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This is a completely restored adjustable paddle strop in near new condition. Patent date on box was 1871, box was too dilapited to keep. Didn't stand the rigors of 150 years.This entire strop has been completely refinished to near new condition and the leather portion has been fitted with a brand new piece of premium grade, top quality leather. This leather is two sided with each side having a flat working surface of 8 1/4" long, and a the total length of 13" from tip to tip. It is 1-3/8" wide by 1/8" thick. I have treated this leather first, with neatsfoot oil which preserves, softens and makes the leather more pliable and second, treated the surface with "Fromm's Strop Dressing" which further coditions the leather for stropping and provides a necessary slight drag on the blade when stropping. This "adjustable strop" is adjusted and tension is created by turning the handle which increases the tightness of the leather to the desired amount. The compact size of this paddle strop makes it ideal for travel, just carry it in a small overnight case, large suitcase or camping knapsack, etc.


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