Henckels Solingen, Germany (ORNATE TOP SHELF SOLID SHAVER) 5/8

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This is a J. A. Henckels #28 model straight razor that was made in Solingen, Germany. Henckels is considered by many to be one of the very best razors ever made. They certainly have had the experience as they started in business in 1732. This razor's made date is placed sometime around 1950. Showing only very light previous hone wear this razor's blade is in excellent condition. The blade is 5/8 wide, is made of carbon steel with a hollow grind. This razor's blade carries ornate, yellow colored celluloid scales with the twins trade mart emblem embossed in silver on the front facing scale. These scales are in excellent condition. This razor has been recently honed to provide a smooth, close and comfortable shave and it comes guaranteed shave ready.

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