dubl duck Wonderedge, Germany

dubl duck Wonderedge, Germany

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This is a dubl duck Wonderedge razor that was made in Solingen, Germany. Being highly sought after, Wonderedge razors are right up near the top of of the dubl duck razor models. Showing no hone wear or previous usage this razor is in perfect unused, defect and blemish free condition. The 11/16 wide blade is made of carbon steel with a hollow grind and has highly polished, mirror finished blade faces. The scales are the original factory cracked ice, perlex type, 3-pin, in superb condition. This razor needed no restoration, only a light polishing to the scales to renew their original luster. Added to this light polishing was a light honing to improve the original factory honing that is never quite shave ready. This razor will provide a smooth, close and comfortable shave, and it comes guaranteed shave ready. This outstanding razor will be a great shavivng companion for a full lifetime and more.


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