Gillette Slim Adjustable Razor, and Blades (SUPERB) H-1

Gillette Slim Adjustable Razor, and Blades (SUPERB) H-1

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This is a very nice Vintage Gillette Slim Adjustable Safety Razor that shows very little, if any, prior usage. It is in superb defect and blemish free condition. This is a razor that will last a lifetime of providing great shaves. It carries the date code H-1, which indicates it was made in the first quarter of 1962. The Gillette Slim Adjustable has the same mechanism as the Gillette Fat Boy, but the handle is 1/8" longer and just slightly not quite as "fat" around. This is preferred by many to it's close relative Fat Boy. Just a smidgeon lighter, it weighs just 2.5 ounces compared to the Fat Boys 2.75 ounces. This razor has been thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and polished. The TTO (Twist to Open) feature functions flawlessly, the numbers adjuster turns easily to each setting. The butterfly doors open and close perfectly. This razor comes with a brand new fgactory package of Derby Blades. Derby Blades are made in Sweden from tungsten stainless steel, and coated with chromium, ceramic and platinum for optimum edge strength and longer lasting shaving life and comfort. They are greatly advanced compared to the blades of old and tghey are redily available on the internet, including Amazon and eBay. Back in the day these vintage safety razors were made extremely well,,,,,and to last,,,,,as can be attested that there are still many still in existence, and just as good as the day they were new. They provide a very economical alternative shaving method compared to the cost of present day safety razor blades, and the shave quality doesn't show any inferiority. These blades are readily available as can be attested by the several companies that today, make just the blades that are still being manufactured and sold in abundance.





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Gillette Standard Tech Razor & 45 New Blades (GOLD 1960's MODEL) Gillette Standard Tech Razor & 45 New Blades (GOLD 1960's MODEL)
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