HESS Solingen Germany

HESS Solingen Germany

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This is a No. 44, Hess "stainless steel" straight razor that was made in Solingen, Germany and distributed by "Hess Hair Milk Laboratories, (what a name) in St. Paul, Minn. Despite the crazy distributor's name, they are about as good a quality, and shaving razor as can be had. All of them when in acceptable condition are a beauty to behold. This Hess model is their stainless steel model. Showing no visible hone wear this razor is in flawless condition. It hs a 5/8 wide, hollow ground blade. Thois blade is goldwashed with the words, "HESS, Stainless Steel, FROZEN TEMPER". Frozen Temper is a treatment called cryogenic hardening process. The cryogenic hardening process is accomplished at temperatures approximately 80 degrees below zero, and the outcome of this method of tempering assures a blade with an extra sharp and longer lasting cutting edge than plain carbon steel blades. It is said that deep frozen razors shave gentler, smoother, cleaner and glide as smooth as velvet over the skin. Frozen tempered razors only have to be honed once or twice a year. They also are much easier to take care of since they have great rust resistance compared to plain carbon steel blades. They are considered by many to be the best quality blades available. This blade carries it's factory original, perlex type, 3-pin, celluloid scales that are in like new condition. Recently honed to provide a smooth, close and comfortable shave, this razor comes guaranteed shave ready. Not many of these Hess "STAINLESS" razors around, and especially in this nice condition.



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