Boker, Edelweiss from H. Boker

Boker, Edelweiss from H. Boker

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This is a brand new razor that I purchased from a Boker razor distributor. It is the exact same Edelweiss design of the old vintage Edelweiss design, that is still being made today. Boker Edelweiss razors with the silver etching and designed blade face is one of the most beautiful razor designs. The lustrous silver wash is undectable by the camera in the attached photos, but is uniquely beautiful in person. For Boker history use this link, This highly sought after "EDELWEISS" model razor by Henry Boker & Company is in the exact same, flawless condition as when it came from the factory, with two differences. (1). The first difference is that this razor is of a high quality steel and also in it's beautiful blade face design was deemed to have l beautiful MOP (mother of pearl) scales installed onto the blade. These MOP scales are in flawless condition and are perfect in appearance and fit, to set this razor off as a beautiful one of a kind razor. These genuine MOP scales and are in complete blemish and defect free, like new, flawless condition. MOP is the most beautiful scale materials, as it gives off (reflects) very beautiful multi colors from it's lustrous surface. MOP is rarely used for razor scales because it is a very expensive material. It is very rare to find MOP in blemish and defect free condition. (2). The second difference is that I honed it just slightly, to improve the factory honing, so that it is "really" shave ready. The blade is made of carbon steel, is hollow ground, and is 11/16 wide.  This razor comes with it's original papers and box that are in brand new, mint condition.  It also comes guaranteed to be "TRULY" shave ready.


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