Fromm's Strop Dressing # 364 (BRAND NEW)

Fromm's Strop Dressing # 364 (BRAND NEW)

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This is a brand new, 4 ounce bottle of Fromm's Strop Dressing # 364. It is widely used to maintain strop surfaces. As well as conditioning strop surfaces, it provides the necessary and desirable drag when stropping a straight razor. This drag is what greatly helps re-align the teeth on the cutting edge. Of note, is to inform the strop user that stropping does not sharpen a cutting edge, but rather does perform the very necessary operation of re-aligning the teeth of a cutting edge. Even the sharpest of cutting edges, i.e., scalpels and straight razors DO have teeth the same as a saw. They are just much smaller and in order to see them it is necessary to use a 100 power microscope. When shaving these teeth get out of alignment and the razor will lose it's keenness, starts to pull the whiskers and requires that it's teeth be re-aligned. Stropping is the best method to accomplish this task, and leather is the best material to use for stropping. Leather will last for years and years if taken care of properly. Leather dressing will greatly aid to accomplish this care. If leather does start to dry out, (and a well conditioned leather will not dry out for several months) an additional application of neatsfoot oil can be applied. I find it best to apply neatsfoot oil to the back rough side of the leather and let it soak through overnight. Most any oil can be used. There are other kinds of oil, but neatsfoot oil is the standard and most widely accepted oil to condition leather. Fromm dressing is an in between conditioner that will provide a light conditioning when necessary, about once every 6 months is a guide to go by as well as determining when your strop loses it's drag abilities and starts to glide too smoothly across the leather. NOTE: The proper amount of dressing to use on a strop is about 6 big drops on the end of your finger. Cover the end of the bottle with your finger and tip the bottle to get this drop. Rub the drop immediately spreading into about a 4" long strip of the smooth side of the strop. Continue to rub with your thumb pad, or heal of the hand until well worked into the leather, about 30 seconds will suffice. Do the same with another big drop on the end of your finger on the next 4" section of the strop. Do this 6 times and you will cover the entire length of a 24" strop. On a new strop it is suggested that you do this once, wait overnight and do it again. Thereafter, whenever the need arises, you will only need to do it once. You will know when the strop needs another application, when it lacks the slight drag when stroking, it will be very smooth and fast, instead of having a little drag (resistance), approximately every few months. ADDITIONAL NOTE: I don't use the lined piece of the strop. Most experienced people I know don't, but a few do. Some that do will apply paste or soap to the linen side. I recommend not using the linen side until you have become experienced at shaving and stropping, Then, if your curiousness gets the best of you, you will have some experience to guide you.


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