Engstrom, Jon. Eskilstuna, Sweden

Engstrom, Jon. Eskilstuna, Sweden

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This is a Jon. Engstrom straight razor that was made in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Based on almost no hone werar this particualr Jon. Engstrom razor shows only light proir usage. It has a 5/8 wide blade that is made of carbon steel and has a hollow grind. With perfect working mechanics in every aspect it opens and closes with smooth tension and is well centered between the scales. These cream colored scales are made of celluloid and are in excellent condition.

There is some confusion with Engstrom razors because there were at least two different J. Engstrom's that made razors, but only one in Eskiltuna, Sweden. In checking the Jon Engstrom (1846 - 1915) family line, Jon Engstrom was an only son and married Hilma Sandquist and they had one daughter, Tyra Agneta Engstrom, so his line died with him. However, Engstrom seems to be a fairly common name, and there were very many Engstoms and many who emigrated to the U. S. In New York for example there were a dozen or more listed in the city directory of 1920, including two John Engstroms and a John Engstrom Jr. To further muddy the waters, there was a John Engstrom who made razors in New York. Some examples of the John Engstrom NY razors have "John Engstrom Jr. Co., Little Valley, N.Y." stamped on one side of the tang and "John Engstrom Jr, formerly of Eskilstuna" on the other side. An awful lot of Engstroms, but none of them close relations of Jon Engstrom from Eskilstuna, Sweden, who was the only true maker of original Jon. Engstrom straight razors.

Recently honed to provide a smooth, close and comfortable shave this razor comes guaranteed shave ready.


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