Artist, Straight Razor from Germany (SLICK SHAVER ~ SUPERB) 11/16

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This is a straight razor that was made in Germany for the Levering Razor, Company who was a distributor of fine razors and was based in New York. Another Levering razor of quite well known respect is the "Mail Pouch", this razor is trade marked, "The Artist". It is a high quality, razor that was made around 1940. This razor is in fully restored excellent condition in all aspects. The blade and handles of this razor have been completely restored throughout, which has left all the surfaces re-finished and in a completely clean, sterilized and polished condition, even in the pivot pin area between the handles. In some areas like the tang, spine and monkey tail it is in better than new condition. Showing almost no hone wear, if any, this razor has an 11/16 wide, carbon steel, hollow ground blade. This razor carries lips stick red celluloid, brand new replacement scales. Included with this razor is it's original box that is slightly surface worn, but in perfect phusical condition. This razor has been recently honed to provide a clean, close and comfortable shave, and it comes guaranteed shave ready. This razor will do very nicely as a daily shaver or in a rotation and will provide a life time of great shaves.


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Puma #75 Solingen, Germany (NICE RAZOR SUPERB SHAVER) 5/8 Puma #75 Solingen, Germany (NICE RAZOR SUPERB SHAVER) 5/8
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