Greaves, Sheffield, England

Greaves, Sheffield, England

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This is a William Greaves and Sons straight razor that was made between 1823 and 1858 in Sheffield, England. Hone wear shows this razor is in very lightly, almost no prior usage and better than new aesthetic condition. Better than new, because metal finishing methods in the era mentioned were not known or always desired. Appearance was somewhat left behind and function was the main criteria. This razor is in defect free condition. Here is a little info from the following known history regarding Grevaes. Reports state that William Greaves started in business in 1775 on Burgess street in Sheffield England. By 1817, William Greaves had moved to Division Street and had brought his sons - Edeard and Richard - into the business. In 1823, the Greaves family built Sheaf Works, it was the first sign that great changes were underway in the Sheffield cutlery trade. The main block of Sheaf Works (still standing in Maltravers Street near the Wicker) was the centrepiece of the first large-scale factory in the town. In 1850, William Greaves & Sons was dissolved, The firm was sold to B.J.Eyre & Company in 1850, and the Greaves markings continued to be used until approximately until 1858. Of particular note, is that when Greaves sold the business to B. J. Eyre in 1850 he had become one of the wealthiest men in England. Of course razors were not the only cutting items that were made in the Greaves factory. Other items included draw knives, chizels, shears, axes and hatchets, etc.....The facts of this particular razor are that the blade is a full 13/16 wide, is made of carbon steel with a hollow grind. I doubt if the scales on this razor are the original scales. Most likely the original scales were made of horn, the most widely used material for scales of that era, and were more recently replaced with these wood scales. These scales have been refinished to a beautiful lustrous surface sheen. They are in perfect conditiobn. Some of these old razors are great shavers, (this one certainly is) and they are getting very scarce, and especially in this super nice, better than new condition. Recently honed to provide a smooth, close and comfortable shave, this razor comes guaranteed shave ready. It is a nostalgic treat to hold and shave with a charismatic, more than 150 year old razor.


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