Filarmonica #14 Spain

Filarmonica #14 Spain

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If you like em big, this one is a "big one" weighing in at one inch wide. Not many come bigger than this blade. This Filarmonica is in completely blemish and defect free condition. This is one of the Jose Monserrat original Filarmonica razors and not one of the razors made after Jose Monserrat's death. The proof of this is in Jose's name printed on the tang, the ones after his death do not have his name printed on them. Based on there being no previopus hone wear this razor has neveer been used. The blade size on this razor is 8/8 and with a hollow grind. The tang of this razor is both top and bottom jimped for a better "nopn-slip" grip. Included with this razor is a #13 box that is not original to this razor, but I thought would be a nice companion foer safekeeping. It is some surface soiled, but is in perfect physical condition. Recently honed to provide a smooth, close and comfortable shave, this razor comes to you guaranteed shave ready.


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