Illinois # 361 Hanging Strop (BRAND NEW)

Illinois # 361 Hanging Strop (BRAND NEW)

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This is a brand new, never used Illinois # 361 hanging strop. It is delivered protected in the factory supplied plastic sleeve. These strops are handcrafted by the oldest strop manufacturer in the United States. I keep a supply of these in stock, mainly as a convenience for customers. It's measurements are 24 3/4" total length by 2 1/2" wide with a generous 3/16" thick. If you are one that chooses to use the linen side of a strop, this strop has the attached separate woven linen strop as well. These two separate pieces are held together by a brass plated hardware clamp and swivel snap: I don't use the linen piece of the strop. Most experienced people I know don't, but a few do. Some that do will apply paste or soap to the linen side. I recommend not using the linen side until you have become experienced at shaving and stropping, Then, if your curiousness gets the best of you, you will have some experience to guide you. If this strop is purchased with a straight razor or any other item, (s) on this web site there is no shipping charge for the strop. NOTE: If you buy a strop above, It is suggested that you also buy a bottle of Fromm's Strop Dressing, also listed as a separate item on rtbhis page as the next item, to preserve and condition your strop before initial usage. A bottle will last you a lifetime and is necessary to use to maintain your strop. I only charge one shipping charge "per package" for any quantity of items.


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