Boker Count Everhard 24 ct Gold (FACTORY NEW ~ MINT/PRISTINE) 5/8

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This is a brand new Boker, Count Everhard straight razor that was made in Germany. This is Bokers model name and is printed on the blade face, "EVERHARD GRAF VON DER MARK" 1130 1180. This name and person musty have some historical significance from that long ago 1100's period. This exclusive beautiful razor was designed and made in 24 carat gold with ornate spine scalloping accoutrements. It is in absolutely flawless mint condition. Boker has a long history having been founded in New York City, by Hermann Boeker, as a cutlery import firm in 1865. Boker then built a factory in Solingen, Germany in 1868, and the company still continues in business in Germany to this day. This particular razor has a 5/8 wide highly decorated blade that is made of carbon steel with a hollow grind. This ornate blade is adorned with extremely well grained with color differences beautiful blond horn. The horn surfaces have been buffed to such a glossy surface sheen they are as smooth as glass. This shows an extra effort with time taken to supply an elegant appearance not often found with other straight razor horn surfaces. This razor comes with all it's original papers and box that are in brand new, mint condition. This razor has been recently honed to improve on the factory edge that is never quite shave ready. It is truly shave ready now, and it comes guaranteed shave ready. 

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