Lafayette, Germany

Lafayette, Germany

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Here is a straight razor that was made by the Lafayette Cutlery, Company in Germany. This is a fairly well known razor brand that is of top quality in all respects. This particular razor has a 5/8 wide, carbon steel, hollow ground blade. This razor is in defect free condition and the blade shows no previous hone wear. The blade has a slight bow shape, which is nice and usually creates less shaving strokes due to the blade edge following the skin surface when it flexes under the blade pressure. The scales that are attached to this blade are the factory original black celluloid. This is a very nice shaving razor. Honed recently to provide a smooth, close and comfortable shave, this razor comes guaranteed shave ready.


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SRD Droescher ~ Germany SRD Droescher ~ Germany
$149.99 *
Otto Deutsch's Hans ~ Solingen, Germany Otto Deutsch's Hans ~ Solingen, Germany
$189.99 *
Puma #88 Special ~ Mint Condition Puma #88 Special ~ Mint Condition
$289.99 *
Jassiano ~ Germany Jassiano ~ Germany
$159.99 *
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