Hiram Cutler ~ Sheffield

Hiram Cutler ~ Sheffield

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This is a Hiram Cutler straight razor that was made in Sheffield, England. The only thing I can find about Hiram Cutler is the following information. Hiram Cutler was born in 1796. After long intensive searching there is no record of his death that I could find. Hiram Cutler of Sheffield, England was a merchant, steel converter, and saw, edge tool, file, and table, shoe and butcher knife manufacturer. In 1837 Cutler took over the Castle Hill Works and operated the premises 1837-1846. With this information it places this razor's made date 1837 and 1846. Printed on the front tang is "Hiram Cutler", "Castle Hill Works" "Sheffield". Printed on the reverse tang side is the word, "Elaborate". The shape and fairly well finished surface finish of all the steel surfaces made it easy to restore this razor to "better than new", surface finishes. The blade shapes along with top steel composition shows a high quality of razor making. It is a clear indication of advanced and well planned thinking and design for early 1800's razor manufacturing. Of course Mr. Cutler wasn't alone in various razor making qualities, there were others, but he was certainly among the best and better than some. This razor has a wedge shaped blade that was made of carbon steel and is a full 5/8 wide. Showing heavy hone wear this blade has held it's shape and full 5/8 + blade width very well. All steel surfaces have a very high mirror finish. The blade opens and closes with proper snug tension and dead center between the scales. Being as old as it is this razor came with badly deteriorated wood scales. I have replaced them with these very nice genuine bone scales. They are of very high quality and are in flawless condition in all aspects. With a lustrous surface finish these scales set this razor to a nice appearance. Bone is one of the few materials that were used during the era of razor making this razor is from. This razor have been completely restored throughout, which has left all the surfaces re-finished and in a completely clean, sterilized and polished condition, even in the pivot pin area between the handles. In some areas like the tang and monkey tail it is in better than new condition. Not surprising is the very nice shave quality this blade provides and having been recently honed to provide a smooth, close and comfortable shave, it comes guaranteed shave ready. There just are not many of these very old early 1800's razors still running around loose :-)


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