Koeller, Germany

Koeller, Germany

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This IS A straight razor that was made by the F. Koeller & Company in Ohligs, Germany. F. Koeller, who is the same company that makes the better known Sta-Sharp and very similar Craftsman straight razors. Koeller was in business making razors from 1891 to 1945. From appearances, style and shape this razor appears to have been made in the later part, about 1925 to 1945. The quality of Koeller razors is as good as it gets. This is Koeller's SUPERB model and this particular razor shows no previous hone wear and is in superb condition. The blade opens and closes nice and snug and perfectly centered between the scales. It is made of carbon steel, with a hollow grind, and is 5/8 + wide. The celluloid scales are the factory original and are embossed with model's silver emblem. Included with this razor is it's original box that is in near new condition. This razor will make a great shaving companion for at least one lifetime. Recently honed to provide a clean, close and comfortable shave, this razor comes guaranteed shave ready.


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