Tru-Edge Deluxe straight razor, Germany

Tru-Edge Deluxe straight razor, Germany

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This is a Tru-Edge straight razor that was made in Germany. It is in perfect condition in all working and aesthetic aspects. It has been fully restored and is in blemish and defect free condition. It shows light previous usage and has a 5/8 wide blade. This blade is of carbon steel, with a half hollow grind. This is Tru-Edge Cutlery Companies Deluxe model and is fairly ornately designed and made. It carries it's original butterscotch colored, silver emblem embossed, 3-pin celluloid scales that are in like new condition. Tru-Edge was a razor maker that made high quality razors that shave as good as any. Recently honed to provide a smooth, close and comfortable shave, this razor comes guaranteed shave ready.


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Lion Brand, Germany Lion Brand, Germany
$139.99 *
Wadsworth, A. W. & Son Wadsworth, A. W. & Son
$139.99 *
Robeson ~ Shuredge ~ U.S.A. Robeson ~ Shuredge ~ U.S.A.
$119.99 *
Kropp ~ English Razor Kropp ~ English Razor
$169.99 *
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